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Launched September 2023!


Very unique music program in Japan! The instructor has 38 years of teaching experience with individuals with Developmental Disorders in Japan and the USA.

Kids, Adults, or Seniors with/without disability, with/without music experience, Japanese Speakers/English Speakers,


What's New:
Our program appeard on an evening news show "Tadaima!" of the RKB Mainichi Broadcasting Corporation.
ed a new course, "Learn English with Music🎵."
Approved as an affiliated stores/programs for the Fukuoka Prefecture Parenting Passport.

*9/1/2023 Launched the program!

I don't think that my child is talented in music.

​I don't think that my child can participate in a music program, because s/he is non verbal.

​I don't think that my child can play the brass instrument, since s/he has a developmental disability.

I don't think that my child can perform with his/her peers on the stage, because of his/her behavior.

I am too overwhelmed with child-raising and management of my child's behaviors daily to think about his/her interests or recreation.

Don't you tend to think this way and miss an opportunity to discover your child's talents?

Don't you want to see your child enjoying music using his/her whole body or

playing the brass instrument in a jazz band?

I am too old to learn music.

I am not confident to learn music in a group.

This era is known as the 100 year time period. Have you heard the word, "life-long education?" We can start to learn something at any age. Why don't you start or restart to learn music at your own pace in your comfortable style? 

It is important for "everyone" to have time to pursue his/her interests that can stabilize his/her emotion and enhance his/her quality of life (QOL).

It is said that music can positively impact on not only individuals' physical and mental wellness,

but also brain functions.

If you are interested in this program, please contact us NOW!

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